• PSi Manifesto Lexicon
    Being international is not a given but a question, and this question touches upon the very discourse we use, and the ownership of concepts through which we engage with the objects we study. The Manifesto Lexicon addresses this aspect of PSi’s ambition to be international.

    The PSi Manifesto Lexicon is an ongoing project aiming to create a multi-lingual lexicon as a manifesto of critical discourse, multiplying our perspectives and understandings of what Performance Studies is. 

  • It reveals the way that regional practices may contribute to such perspectives and understandings, therefore also expressing the international diversity policy of PSi.

    The idea for this project sprang from the PSi Regional Research Cluster Encounters in Synchronous Time (Athens, November 2011), where 8 Greek artists and theorists presented a lexicon for performance studies in Greek, offering 24 entries, one for each letter of the Greek alphabet.

  • While the entries were read out loud in Greek, their translation was projected in English. Participants were invited to think Performance Studies through the new possibilities offered by another language and through a different culture.

    As PSi President and speaker in the event, Maaike Bleeker invited the curatorial team of the Cluster in Athens to work on an expanded multi-lingual lexicon for PSi’s new website, which was supported as an idea by the PSi Board and has led to the creation of the PSi Manifesto Lexicon, launched in December 2012.

  • Call for entries
    If you were to use words from your native language to approach performance studies – drawing on the language’s cultural particularities and artistic usages – what would these words be and how would they allow you to think on performance? 

    For this expanded online multi-lingual PSi Manifesto Lexicon, we ask artists, practitioners, theorists and thinkers, to choose and propose words, for which they will present a lexicon entry/text of up to 300 words. 

  • We are also inviting curators of past and future PSi Regional Research Clusters to consider adding entries from their languages to the Lexicon, and are happy to discuss with you the organisation of a Lexicon session as part of your Cluster. 

    To find out how to submit entries and be part of the project, please download: Instructions for authors 

    Next submission deadline:  
    30 April 2014

  • For general enquiries about the Lexicon, and if you are a PSi Regional Research Cluster curator, please contact Efrosini Protopapa

    To contribute an entry to the Lexicon and for questions regarding submission of entries, please contact: lexicon@psi-web.org


  • Editorial Board

    For the first two years after its launch in 2012, and with the support of PSi President Maaike Bleeker as Project Advisor, the PSi Manifesto Lexicon will be managed and edited by the curatorial team of the 2011 PSi Regional Research Cluster in Athens:

    Gigi Argyropoulou, Konstantina Georgelou, Efrosini Protopapa, Danae Theodoridou, Steriani Tsintziloni.

  • Gigi Argyropoulou, Communications
    Andrew Brown, Proof-reading
    Konstantina Georgelou, Co-editor
    Justin Hunt, Proof-reading
    Efrosini Protopapa, General Editor 
    Danae Theodoridou, Co-editor
    Steriani Tsintziloni, Communications
    Rhaisa Williams, Proof-reading

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