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 reality > realiteit  [English/Dutch]

Reality consists of a collection of information considered to be true by an individual at a certain moment. The individual will use this information to discover and understand the possible logic, or the rules, of the world that they are currently part of. Once these rules or logic are discovered, any new information will be structured by these rules or this logic.  Since the rules in daily life may differ from those in theatre, the reality in a library or the living room of a friend might be different from the reality on a stage. 

Reality is often wrongly understood as something inflexible and singular. Reality is believed to be something that is to be constructed by facts - unchangeable truths that exist independently from subjects. However, since all human observations are influenced by their own body and subjectivity, it is impossible to speak of facts as things existing independently of the subject. Following this line of thought, we can say that there are as many realities as there are people in the world. 

One of the most interesting forms of reality is the reality of the theatre. The theatre is a place where makers are challenged to strip down reality and visitors are challenged to build it up anew. This is the place where it becomes clear that reality is something manmade. The artist is the individual that is not looking for clues to discover the rules, but rather makes them his/herself. The artist decides how hard or how easy he or she is going to make it for the audience to find a structure in the performance, to understand these new rules, or in other words, to ascribe meaning to what is going on.

Author and translator: Florine Jonker