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Resilience / Resiliencia [English / Spanish]

 Resilience [ri-zil-yuhns]- (noun)

 Ecology: the ability of an ecosystem to return to its original state after being disturbed.

Corporate marketing: A characteristic feature of reaction towards a complication often used to judge institutional and individual agents in their power to recover from distressing phases.

Toughness that assures business continuity and competitiveness when depending in a considerable manner to confined market conditions. It is related to the concept of elasticity and being able to preserve the potential of getting back to the original configuration after unsettlements caused by external factors.

 The term resilience was mentioned during a discussion at the conference AMS-BER-BXL in which the relationship between producing and presenting art was examined by six artistic leaders of networks, centres and international venues. Assessing their particular position and responsibilities in the programs across Europe they outlined a common concern about operating in a field that is driven by three elements forming the perfect recipe for exhaustion because it is passionate, overflexible and in most the cases underpaid. The word resilience has been placed as an alternative to handle these elements as advantages rather than as obstacles. Would that then mean than this term could point out a specific ability of an enterprise to deal with uncertainty?

 Resilience - Entertainment industry (21st century): A specific quality at work produced by combining knowledge with malleability to undertake unfavorable circumstances or a lack of success.

Preparedness, Protection, Response and Recovery are the four basic stages through which this quality comes into view. These four stages determine the disposition of singular strategies either to resist situations, to interrupt unwanted dynamics or to surpass a state of crisis steadily.

Resiliency is not necessarily gained with experience, it is an attitude that could eventually lead to risk and undertake challenges through out a long term mission in the cultural sector.


Author and Translator: Cecilia Vallejos