> προνόμιο-πολιτισμός

My colleges and friends feel uncomfortable when they invite me to their performances.

They call me difficult – I am the one who never feel satisfied.

I do not write reviews and I have no power over anyone. It is just that I do not flutter anyone - and especially not myself. Yes it is true I am very strict and take my job very seriously. I avoid the theatre – coming across a good show or a good acting performance is so rare, that is becoming a real surprise when it actually happens. But a surprise that I feel such a need for.

Art today is poor, it is cheap and we are to blame for that, because we are the ones who are cheap.

Does the artist have the capacity to transmit moral power? To succeed in that, he has to have a strong technique and to never stop practicing his mind and spirit.

What frightening us isn't criticism, but the awareness of our deficiencies. Most of the plays that we work on, include a conflict – two ways of life fighting each other.

It is a privilege of every artist to place both ways on the highest possible level of value– to give the highest possible prominence to the essence of the play.

“Culture is privilege for a country.

Artist is a privilege for culture.

As the artist expands, the entire world becomes more flexible.

The world lies ahead of us to be taken in”

Stella Adler

Author and translator: Vicky Adamou