fool, (the)

> τρελός

“The artist as a different kind of human being”

The tarot card “The Fool”, shows a clown walking in the edge of a cliff without being particularly alarmed.

It looks as if he is about to fall. Perhaps he hasn't seen the cliff, which makes you wonder whether it's his choice to just trust his instinct and not look where his going

The Fool always has the company of an animal. This animal is usually a dog. This symbolizes nature's powers and the instinctive nature of man.

I will continue using the word artist instead of fool.

The artist is never at rest, showing his preference to action and the knowledge that comes through experience rather than intellectual approach...

The artist links the chaotic world of the subconscious with the “proper” world of the conscious.

He is therefore a complete human being, as he was before he was submitted to social rules. When someone combines madness and wisdom, as the artist does, then he is capable of anything. He can realize the impossible, yet there is a possibility of becoming foolish.

The depicting of the artist in a standing position in the card shows our belief that anything is possible - even if that is beyond common sense. It is a call to trust our instinct, to deal with everything with an open mind, to believe in our endless capabilities and to start a journey full of adventure giving value to the experience of the moment and not to a long term planning. It is a way distant to the security of everyday life – it is a dive in the unknown. 

On the contrary when the artist is depicted upside down it is then that we do not believe in our capabilities and of course then no one else believes in us.

Let’s make sure that our card is in the standing position.

Author and translator: Vicky Adamou