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Fundamental and necessary feature of every artist and especially, of every artist with Greek nationality or immigrant artist who lives in Greece.

Based on the dictionary patience is “the basic characteristic of the person who can wait, without hurry, remaining calm and composed”.

In art, patience is the basic characteristic of the person who can wait, listen, collect, keep walking under any circumstances, organize an action plan knowing that this may change or may never leave the ground.

Patience is the inner silence when everybody else around shouts and demands a complete plan. Patience is when you get paid for the plans that are worthless and you pay overly for those who worth, while you are rounded by semi- educated “experts”.

The dictionary also refers to patience as the gift one person has to endure and tolerate burdensome or just bad situations, and however to continue because the continuity and the hard work (according to Van Gogh) constitutes the definition of art and this line is on a magnet on my fridge.

Patience is the characteristic of the person who deals with something long lasting, elaborate and tiring, without losing his courage. Art is the result of patient people, who either bore the burden of patience or commited suicide...

Patience differs from stoicism. Stoicism cannot come in terms with change, personal or social, which every piece of art dreams of, consciously or unconsciously. 

Finally, it is worth mentioning the important song, necessary to every artist and citizen of Greece:

Neighborhood, your road is narrow

Cold and grey sky 

Black life, night and day

Only Clouds to keep you you company

Patience, patience, patience

Be patient

And the sky will be more blue

Be patient

A lemon tree blooms at the neighborhood

Patience, patience, patience

Be patient…

Author and translator: Antigone Gyra