witness, martyr

> μάρτυρας

1) One who sees or hears something in the moment that it happens.

2) One who saw, heard or felt a performance, so that she can provide information about it.

3) One who is named in a funding application for a performance work as the one who will benefit from such a performance. 

– God as my witness, my work will change the life of my audience / witnesses forever!

4) [mártiras] = martyr, sufferer

One who was tortured and or killed for their beliefs

– (by extension) one who endures hardships


– The spectator who regrets the moment that she decided to go see a performance. 

– The artist who regrets the moment that she decided to become an artist and cannot afford to pay rent.

5) The spectator who actively participates in a performance through the co-authoring of the work’s meaning.

6) A close observer, the onlooker of a performance. One who is present and reads the performance. 

7) The one who bears witness to what is happening in the performance space.

8) One who sees and experiences the labour of the performers onstage.

9) One without whom there would be no performance.


– neowitness / neomartyr (νεομάρτυρας [neomártiras]): the upcoming generation of artists that feel even more strongly the consequences of the budget cuts in the arts and humanities. 

– saintwitness / saintmartyr (οσιομάρτυρας [osiomártiras]): the Heads of Drama, Dance, and in general of Arts and Humanities Departments, who continue to run the programmes despite the budget cuts and the resulting extra load of work.

– lyingwitness / perjurmartyr (ψευδομάρτυρας [psevδomártiras]): the spectator that claims to have liked a performance even though she hated it.

Author and translator: Katerina Paramana