> ανάγνωση

reading < ανα + γνώση (ana + gnosi) 

ana- (ανα-): prefix with several meanings

1) up: uphill, upcoming

2) backwards, back: retract, retreat

3) in the opposite direction: reverse, undoing

4) for a second time, again, re- : re-enlistment, re-letting, rehiring 

γnosi (γνώση) = knowledge


1) Τhe recognition and understanding of symbols and signs that compose a text / a performance.

2) Τhe understanding of the meaning of symbols and signs in everyday life / performance.

3) Τhe decoding of signs.

4) Τhe delivery / presentation of a text in the presence of an audience.

5) Τhe understanding of the symbols of a foreign language, of the language of a performance. 

6) Τhe interpretation of a message in different ways or the re-interpretation of a message.

7) (ana / up + γnosi / knowledge): the act of bringing knowledge (i.e. the understanding of a sign or what a sign can mean in different contexts) onto the surface

8) (ana / in the opposite direction + γnosi / knowledge): the act of turning existing knowledge upside down through i.e. changing utterly the common understanding of a sign.

9) (ana / re- + γnosi / knowledge): the act of re-examining existing knowledge 

10) anagoge, an allegorical interpretation

11) A particular interpretation of a performance.

12) A mental representation of the meaning or significance of something, a presentation to the mind in the form of an idea or image.


construction, impression, grasp, conception, internal representation, mental representation

Author and translator: Katerina Paramana